KeVita Sparkling Probiotic Drinks

Without going over the top in the “TMI” department, I’d like to share something that maybe a few of you out there struggle with the way that I do.  It all started when we were joking about “going number two” at a family gathering — There’s an ongoing inside joke about such matters, because our family has a history of bowel issues… particularly when it comes to nerves.

For example, as a kid, Momma Cox used to coach our recreational, travel team, all-star, and fall ball softball teams.  I, of course, played, and while I absolutely adore the fact that my Mom is so competitive, I hate the fact that sometimes she would get so tense about the games, she would work herself up to the point of frequent and uncontrollable bowel movements.  This is no joking matter… and it wasn’t her fault!  It truly does run in the family… no pun intended.

Anywho, before I became a nutrition advocate, and ate things like fast food, which are super high in fat, I had no trouble going to the bathroom!  Sometimes it happened more than once a day <–that feels so funny to write.

Jarid now jokes with me, that I need a t-shirt like this:


It feels like such an accomplishment anymore!  What I didn’t understand was that every article I’ve ever read said that leafy greens, fruit, and whole grains (because of the fiber content), were great for becoming “regular“.  I don’t get it.  99.5% of my diet is super fibrous.  Then, I realized…well, hey maybe a Natural Laxative Supplement would help…


and help it did!  But, after awhile, I was sick of dealing with the unnecessary stomach cramps that ti caused.  It did the trick,  but not without repercussions.  That’s when KeVita came to the rescue.   I didn’t know much about probiotics at first, just mainly that they were found in yogurt and that they contained live cultures, so I did a little research.


Maybe this was the answer to my digestive problem prayers!?  Although I eat a very healthy diet, different medications (maybe thyroid?), environmental toxins, chemicals, and even stress can affect our bodies’ digestive systems.


When the kind people at KeVita agreed to send me a few coupons so I could try out their probiotic drinks for review on the blog, I think I let out a brief shriek of joy.  I was desperateee.  KeVita is handcrafted in its own facility in Southern California, and I am self-declaring it the most delicious drink in the universe.


Although there are tons of different flavors to choose from (lemon ginger, pomegranate black tea, pomegranate coconut, pomegranate, living greens, mango coconut, coconut, strawberry acai coconut, mojita, and daily clense), the grocery stores in our area only stocked two of them…which both ended up being totally delicious.


#1 on my list was Coconut.  At just 10 calories per bottle, sweetened with Stevia, and made with all things organic, this stuff is something I’d like to be able to drink Unfortunately for me, this stuff has quite a hefty price tag, so it’s reserved for special occasions only… unless KeVita feels the urge to send some more coupons my way 😉  The flavor was sweet and light, with a little bubbly.  I can’t say enough how thankful I am that there is NO added sugar to these drinks, but the BEST part is… within an hour of drinking one, I’m on my way to use the restroom.  Not like an, “oh my gosh, I better get there now!”, it’s more like a…”hmmmm…. something is stirring things up in there… YAY!”.  Haha  I’m feeling pretty brave for trusting you all with my thoughts and excitement on the matter, so please, be gracious.


#2 was Mango Coconut.  This was a yummy flavor too.  The hint of fruit went nicely with the smooth tropical flavor of the coconut.  This one is just a tad higher in calories, due to the fact that it’s got real fruit in it — “Organic Mango Puree“, but still just 20 calories in the entire bottle.  Like all the other flavors, it is certified organic and non-GMO, low calorie, vegan, and dairy, lactose, gluten and soy free.

mojitaThe flavor that I’m dying to try is the Mojita — lime mint coconut.  I can’t find it ANYWHERE in my area, so when Jarid and I take our trip to Baltimore next weekend, I will be totally on the lookout… he promised we could visit WHOLE FOODS at some point! 🙂  Needless to say, I’m taking a few of my coupons with me.

Not only did the probiotics help with my little problem, but they’re beneficial to many other aspects of  health such as immunity and bacterial health.

Thank you so much to KeVita and Madev for sending me those coupons!  If I could afford it, my house would be FULLY stocked with nothing but KeVita  ❤


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