Eggland’s Best – Your BEST Recipes


From the first time I tried Eggland’s Best eggs, I could tell a difference between them, and the plain, old store brand.  There was something about them that made them taste so much fresher and more wholesome tasting than the other eggs, if you know what I mean.  That’s why, it was no surprise to me when I read that Eggland’s Best eggs were nutritionally superior in comparison with average eggs, too.


No sooner did I do a product review for a friend of mine at the company, strictly because I was so in love with what they stood for and how delicious their eggs were, mind you, than I realized they’ve got a ton of awesome promotional opportunities for not just bloggers, but EVERYONE.  They truly want to PROVE to you how wonderful they are… for me, it didn’t take long.


Jarid and I eat eggs a LOT.  Whether it be in a recipe, stirred into my oatmeal for some custard texture and extra protein, hard boiled as a snack, or simply fried up on the stove top.  They’re inexpensive and there’s something to be said for the nutrition value of the incredible, edible egg.

Right now, they’re doing something awesome… if you become a Facebook fan, you can download the “Your BEST Recipes” Cookbook – a $10 value – for free!  It’s loaded with healthy, scrumptious-looking, creative recipes to try out.


After you “like” their Facebook page, you click the red button to download your eCookbook!  It’s only available through February 15, 2013, so you better hustle up! 🙂


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