The Chobani Fairy.

I’m not typically a brand snob, but I have to be honest, if I can’t find Chobani Greek Yogurt at a grocery store (which would be absolutely absurd, because EVERY grocery store should have it –unless it’s because they’re sold out), I’m not coming home with any yogurt.  It’s the BEST kind out there, and it just keeps adding more and more good 🙂


Typically, I stick to the 0% Plain, because it’s most versatile, so you can imagine my excitement when the three basic flavors of the Chobani family (huge thank you’s to Amy & Nicole!) were delivered to my doorstep last week!


Chobani is always SO, so generous.  They’re good people 🙂  I received two of each container (only two of the flavors were feeling camera friendly – 2% Plain and 0% Vanilla, but they also sent me some of the Plain 0%!

I couldn’t wait to dig in, and I just so happened to be making a homemade Chipotle bowl at the time.  SCORE.


All my bowl needed after the layers of brown rice, romaine, corn, cilantro, salsa, and black beans, was a heaping spoonful of creamy, dreamy Chobani.  It makes EVERYthing better.

Most of my FAVORITE recipes are ones that I can use greek yogurt as a healthy substitute!  For example:

Cornbread Stuffing


Mint Mojito Smoothie


Cinnamon Sugar Yogurt Bread

Greek Yogurt Cheesecake


and ohhhh so many more.

The recipes on the Chobani site are pretty plentiful, too!

Don’t let me fool you, you don’t HAVE to bake with it or cook with it — although I’d highly recommend it 😉  The goodness of Chobani can be appreciated all on it’s own, too!  For a snack a lot of times, I mix the 0% Plain with things like diet hot chocolate packets, stevia, and sugar free maple syrup.  The result is totally decadent.

I have yet to try some of their newer flavor babies, and I’m thinking it’s long overdue:


Probably my favorite flavored Chobani, is the 2% Pineapple.  It’s thick and perfectly tropical and sweet.  Add some coconut to that little cup and you could have a piña colada party.

I also saw on their website, that they’ve started making Flips!


Key Lime Crumble?! I must find this. STAT.

Thank you so much, Chobani for sending me this sweet care package.  I’m so thankful! I can’t wait to see what I can conjure up in the kitchen with all of this yogurt on my hands! ❤


One thought on “The Chobani Fairy.

  1. They have kiddie-sized cups that are literally the PERFECT size to put in my lunch box– the berry flavor is the bessssst.

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