A Monday Confessional.

If I had to use one word to describe the way I’m feeling right this very second, it would be content.  You know that happy, settled feeling?  Like everything is just dandy.  I’m so thankful to be feeling that way after such a busy 2012.  God is so good… even in the busy times 🙂 This weekend, we got a TON of organization done, which I was thrilled about.


Thank you, Pinterest for the ideas.  Scarves on a towel bar and long necklaces on a key holder.  Cheap & effective.


Anyway… on to my confessions.

Confession #1: The gift cards I got from Christmas were burning a hole in my pocket, so when a friend of mine asked me to go shopping last week, I could hardly contain my excitement.  I’m a bargain shopper and believe in getting the most for your money, so here’s a peek at the goodies I came home with.


Red wool coat = Marshall’s $16.00


Cute polka dotted scarf = Sears  $24.00 marked down to $2.99


Union Bay grey cross-body bag = Sears $40.00 marked down to $28.00 (which I got for free because of my SEARS rewards points!)


Two adorable pair of flats = Shoe Department $26.00 total

Jarid probably had a slight coronary when I arrived home with so many bags in my arms…until I got to show him my receipts, that is 😉

Confession #2: I am not a fan of this cauliflower crust recipe.  I was so thrilled to try it because I love sneaking vegetables into “comfort” food (I love mashed cauliflower in place of mashed potatoes!), but this one was disappointing.


I thought for sure, when the aroma filled the kitchen while it baked,


and the way it got super crispy around the edges in the oven, that we had a winner on our hands.  I even topped it with all my favorite fixin’s:


A sauce made of tomato paste & Tribe tomato basil hummus and added cooked mushrooms, onions, and spinach to my half (just onions for the husband).


I broiled it in the oven, just as the recipe calls for after adding some fat-free mozzarella cheese to the top.


It came out looking gorgeous… but you can’ t judge a book by its cover.  Jarid thought it was delicious, but I barely ate my 1 piece.


Looks like I’ll just have to try Tina’s Sweet Potato Crust instead…

Confession #3:  I’m not a drinker, but I was intrigued by this Skinny Girl White Peach Margarita when I saw it out and about in the blog world at one point.  I decided to give it a whirl with some Diet Cranberry Ginger Ale on the rocks.


I don’t care to spend money on booze, but this was pretty cheap.  I figured it’d be a “treat”.  1.5oz = 37.5 calories.  I had a double.  Jarid was making fun of me for being such a “lightweight”.  This stuff is 12.7% alcohol though!  It tasted good, but I couldn’t detect that it was even alcoholic because it was so subtle.  I think next time I’ll mix it with orange juice!  Hellooooo mimosa!

While we had our adult beverages (his was apple pie moonshine — a gift from one of the guys at work), we watched some movies.


Trouble With The Curve and The Words.  The later of the two was my favorite.  Trouble With The Curve lost my interest pretty quickly… which is odd, because I love Amy Fisher & Clint Eastwood captured my heart in Gran Turino.  The Words, however, was a different story — a good one 🙂  The plot was fantastic, but I wish the ending would’ve been a tad more clear… it’s open to interpretation, I suppose.

But back to the confessions.

Confession #4:  I prefer my homemade Iced Salted Caramel Lattè over Starbie’s or Dunkin’ any day.


It’s simple to make, you just need the right tools.

All you have to do is brew the coffee, stick it in the freezer until chilled (mug and all), pour into your blender with three ice cubes, a few shakes of salt and about 2 tbsp of sugar-free syrup — blend away!  It comes out frothy and everything!  It’s creamy, too–you’d never believe there’s no milk in it.

Confession #5:  I think I love Xbox  more than my husband.


I absolutely adore the way he sits on his feet, by the way.

Our Kinect has quickly become the life of the party when we have people over to the house.


We have two different “games”, but each of them have a few different sports or events included.


My favorites are the boxing and the volleyball games!  They feel SO real.  It’s an awesome way to get active indoors, too.  Believe it or not, if you’re competitive enough, you CAN manage to break a sweat while playing.  We even have the Nike Trainer for the Kinect, but I don’t want to try it out until we’ve transitioned the Xbox downstairs to the workout area.  There’s just not enough room in our living room to keep it there!

Got a confession to make?  Commonnnn get it off your chest 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Monday Confessional.

  1. Sooooo take me shopping?! PLEASE!! You got some major deals here lady!!
    And Im going to be honest, I havent had any Chobani. The flavors sound amazing and the nutrition is great, but Im so stinkin cheap!! Even on sale a big tub is still over $5 and I just cant convince myself to do it!!

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