Family Ties

Realizing that this years’ Christmas would be a bit different, Momma Cox and I talked about the fact that we didn’t want TOO much to change.  Being that it’s our first year married, Jarid & I really do want to celebrate Christmas morning together in our own house before we start on our travels to visit family, so it will be an adjustment for both of us, not spending immediate time with our siblings and parents December 25th…


However, there are some traditions that I plan on keeping as long as possible.  Momma Cox invited us over to help decorate the family tree last week, and I’ve got to say, it was extra special to me this year…

I don’t know if it was the Casting Crowns Christmas music playing in the background, or the fact that so many years worth of ornaments were strewn across the carpet in the basement, but whatever it was, the Christmas spirit totally overwhelmed me that night.   sibs

I couldn’t help but flash back to the countless memories we had made in that basement… and before we had a finished basement, the living room upstairs.

After the tragedy on Friday, I am so thankful that God has been showing me how to appreciate and cherish the moment.   I believe Caitlin said it best… and these words keep ringing in my head today:

The reality is that we can only live our lives in the present moment.  When we focus on what has happened or what may happen, we’re missing out on the now.  We’re missing out on what’s right in front of us.  And what’s right there is often pretty amazing – if you just look for the joy.”


Daddy always puts the angel on the top last.  It’s the perfect finishing touch!  After seeing how beautifully the one at my parents’ house turned out, Jarid and I were inspired to take a whack at decorating our own tree last weekend, too.


Who else agrees that the ornament holders should come with the balls?!  Poor Jarid had to run out to Rite Aid in the middle of the festivities to pick some up for us… He’s such a good sport.


I put on some Christmas Pandora radio and away we went with the ornaments! We went with the red, green & gold theme and were thrilled to put up our new ornaments that Momma & Poppa Cox had given us this year!

Thank you both, so much! We absolutely love them.

Soon enough, the entire tree was adorned and we were left in awe.


The only thing left to do was to top it off — the man’s job! 😉


As Christmas approaches this year, do yourself a huge favor — don’t allow your happiness and joy to be determined by how many items you get to check off of your “to-do list”.  I, for one, have gotten caught up in the business of the season, far too many times.  Do your best to appreciate and recognize when you already have what matters most in the world… a loving Savior and Father in Heaven, who literally gave His own son’s live that we could be saved,  and family&friends surrounding you. 

Thoughts and prayers for the family&friends of the victims in CT


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