A Few Of My Favorite Things

Here’s the thing about wish lists… I actually dread when people ask me for them.  I feel undeserving of anything, really, at Christmas time, because I already have been blessed with SO much.  Regardless of this fact, I still find myself envying things when I see them out in the shops and wishing I had the guts or the mindset to jot them down then and there… The problem then, becomes, forgetting what I’ve seen when the question arises from someone in my family, “What do you want for Christmas?”.  I usually end up answering back with either, “there’s nothing that I really need this year“, or “gift cards/money would be great” — the two most dreaded answers anyone could hope for… I mean, how much fun is giving someone a gift card or money for Christmas?? The answer, is NOT fun at ALL.  I am seriously WAY more excited to give my husband his Christmas gifts this year than I am to get anything myself.

So, here we go.  A list of things that I think are pretty stellar.


First off, we have these colorful pull-on jeggings from Wet Seal.  They’re only $24.50 a pair!  I already have them in tan, light pink, khaki green, and rust.  They’re a GREAT fit, too.  They’ve got a little bit of stretch to them, so they’ll hug your curves nicely.  Adorable with a skinny belt and flats!  I can wear these to work with a cute blouse, out on a nice date with my hubby, or even on the weekends with a comfy, slouchy sweater.


Secondly, these cable knit with Thinsulate “Earbags” are stinkin’ adorable.  I love ear muffs, but that annoying thing that sits on top of your head prevents me from wearing them.  These totally avoid that issue!  I think for me, the black or white (“cream”– as they’re labeled on the website) would best suit.  They would match just about anything!


This shirt, I’ve been eying up for what seems like months– Merona® Women’s Favorite Denim Shirt.  Every SINGLE time I make a Target run,  I try to find it in my size (since they only sell it in stores!).  Apparently, no store in my area has it in an extra-small!  So devastating.  It’s only $19.99!  I would snatch it up in a heartbeat myself, if I could find it.  I’m super picky about the way clothes fit, and I actually have the same shirt in two different colors: navy & white.


For the record, protein bars in general would make wonderful stocking stuffers.  These Cinnamon Roll Quest Bars are my favorite!  They can be found at GNC – $24.99 for a box!  They’ve got 160 calories, 20g protein, and have ZERO added sugar, not to mention, they’re all natural!Another delicious bar, which I try to limit in my diet, due to the fact that the soy protein is pretty prevalent (aka, bad for my thyroid), is the CarbRite Cookie Dough bars.


I’ve come to the conclusion that Charlotte Russe has the absolute cutest scarves at the most affordable prices (all around the $10 mark!).  I’m really digging all the floral prints!  The first one is definitely my favorite… how cute is that lace border?!  They remind me of water colors… all of them!  The best thing about them, is that they can dress up the most BASIC shirt… which is the only kind of shirt I really own 🙂  I can be kind of a plain jane and tend to buy the same shirt in every color they’re made in if I like the fit — like these, which are, embarrassingly enough, “sleep shirts”.  I wear them to work.. No joke.  See?


On another note, I’m always on the lookout for cute jewelry.  Some of my favorite places to look are Forever21 & Etsy.  If you haven’t noticed by now, I’m rather thrifty, and I don’t EVER spend a lot of money on jewelry.  I’m very into stud earrings and longer necklaces right now.  I can’t stand dangly things from my ears or heavy metal sitting on my chest/neck throughout the day.  Also, since my wedding/engagement rings are white gold, I never wear yellow gold colored jewelry.

necklace studs

So, there you have it.  A bunch of cute Christmas ideas at affordable prices for the fashionable, fitness loving, foodie in your family;)  You can thank me later.



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