Christmas Blitz!

Lately dinners have been kind of unconventional in the Snyder household.  Eggs are cheap.  Frozen peppers & onions are cheap.  Therefore, this makeshift breakfast-for-dinner idea was by default, a winning option.  For Jarid’s sake, I at least managed to throw in some turkey bacon aka man food.


You may be wondering how this is relevant to the title of this post?  I mean… does it have to be relevant?  It’s MY blog, I can write whatever I want?!  But really… in the pan… it’s RED & GREEN!  😉

When I got home from work the other day, I was excited to find these gems in our mailbox!


That’s right.  Our first Christmas card!


I scored an awesome deal from one of those social sites (Groupon or LivingSocial, I can’t remember which) for $70 worth of stuff from Vistaprint for just $17.  Not to mention, everything on the site was already 50% off, so we scored big time. We saved a bunch of money and even managed to purchase a few gifts!  All we had to pay for was shipping.

I’m so thrifty, I even determined the place we got our Christmas tree based on a $10 off coupon I found on their website!  At first, I felt like we were on a bit of a wild goose chase.  The sales station was kind of off the beaten path in the middle of a small town close to our house.  It was only 4 miles away!


Soon the hunt was on for the perfect tree!  The guy selling them to us was super friendly and showed us which direction each of the different types of trees were, along with guiding us as far as the less expensive options.  We learned that the trees were actually from a farm in Perry County!  Much closer to our old stomping grounds of Halifax & Elizabethville.

Before too long, we found a winner.


I’m pretty sure the frigid cold helped us speed up the selection process.  Crazy Jarid didn’t even wear a coat!  I think he was regretting his decision later…Anyway, the kind man drilled a hole in the bottom of our tree and strapped it to the top of Jarid’s trunk.  We were a little bit nervous the entire time that it would fall off…I was on tree duty until we got home!  The road was a tad bumpy and there was construction everywhere.


After some furniture rearranging, I gave our tree a little haircut (there were some stray branches toward the bottom ;)), and Jarid & I found a home for it in the corner.  My next project is to make a tree skirt.  I found this one on Pinterest and I think it looks totally do-able!


I cannot wait to decorate it.  Have I mentioned how wonderful it makes our entire house smell?  It’s safe to say that Christmas decorations make me one happy girl.  Since we didn’t have everything we needed to decorate our big tree, I decided to get crafty with some materials that we did have.


Jarid and I decided for our wedding that we would have two different favors for our guests.  That way, families of five wouldn’t go home with five of the exact same thing.  Every other seat had either a heart-shaped cookie cutter or a personalized, burned CD of Jarid & my wedding soundtrack (just a few of our favorite songs and ones that were special to us).


When I realized we had a ton of these little things leftover, I knew I should keep them and that sometime, someway, I’d find a use for them…just like the wine bottles & glasses!  The iridescent white ribbon that was tied around the plastic box  made the cookie cutters the perfect prospect to be turned into ornaments for our mini trees.  The one in our living room was already adorned with snowflake hand-me-down ornaments from my Godmother, but our downstairs mini tree was bare!


These little guys certainly did the trick!  I think the tin color certainly compliments the space, considering we’ve got a wood stove nearby.  I was a teensy bit proud of my resourcefulness.  Now, if I could only find use for all that tulle from our special day!

Stay tuned to see what I come up with 😉  Oh yeah… and I recently got a new toy!  Come back to read all about it soon!  I’ll give you a hint…


Okay… so maybe I gave it away a little bit? 🙂



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