Bison Schmison.

Last night it looked like there was a murder in our kitchen.  In fact, if I were in my own little game of Clue, I’d have called “Sami in the kitchen with a butcher’s knife” and been a sure winner.  According to Jarid, this was a winning dinner though, so I guess that’s some consolation, right?  If you have a weak stomach, I’d highly advise that you stop reading.  It was a straight up blood bath (okay, that’s a little melodramatic).

I took a risk while I was at the grocery store this week and purchased some Bison meat…

I was a little skeptical, but there were three factors which made it appealing to me.  #1-  The package was plastered with claims “raised without antibiotics”, “no added hormones”, and “all-natural”.  #2-  It was cheaper than the lean beef filets that I intended to purchase for Jarid & I at $9 (the beef was $12).  #3- The nutrition facts were pretty phenomonal.

Considering I’m really trying to “up my Iron intake” (the last time I tried to give blood, I was denied because of my levels), the 30% of DV was convincing.  Not to mention, 37g of protein for just 180 calories & 2.5g of fat?  Miracle meat! I’ve never had bison before, so my reluctance still lurked in the back of my mind… I even debated telling Jarid what the meat actually was… he probably would’ve just assumed that it was beef!

Lucky for me, I have the most open-minded husband in the universe and he is willing to try almost anything I make… other than green monster protein smoothies that I make for breakfast just about everyday (I can’t imagine why they’re intimidating to him?! I mean… drinking green slush is totall normal, right?;))

I made a simple marinade of worchestershire sauce and steak seasoning from Mrs. Dash and salt & pepper.  I’m really glad that it didn’t take long for these medallions to cook because I felt myself getting a little more lightheaded with every squirt of blood that seeped from the meat.

The taste was pretty delicious, actually.  Jarid used some BBQ sauce on his, but I thought the meat was yummy all on its own.  It was hard for me to eat right away after seeing it in its raw state while cooking, but a few hours passed before he got home, so the 1/2 of my medallion that I had originally put on his plate was stolen back 🙂

I just might buy this again!  I’m thinking about possibly trying to make cheesesteaks from it after slicing it thin?  You’ll be the first to know if I do.   Until then, this is the bison murderer signing off ❤


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