Sticky Buns

Anyone who’s anyone knows that my Momma makes the best sticky buns in the universe.  That’s not my bias opinion… that’s straight fact.  No one will argue with me who has tried them, believe me.  I’m pretty sure she could coax every and any family member to come visit her just by mentioning that she happened to be baking them.  To be honest, since I’ve become such a clean eater, it was one of the foods that I missed most.

There HAD to be a way to enjoy that saturated, doughy, fresh from the oven treat without clogging my arteries and making me go into a sugar/carb coma.  I’ve been reluctant to try out this recipe, in fear of disappointment, but I’m happy to report, my hankering for Momma’s sticky buns.  Probably because it came from another Momma (Pea)… they always know best 😉

I adapted it ever so slightly, so here goes.

You’ll need:

Whole Wheat pizza dough (mine was found in the freezer section at Wegman’s for $2.49 ) — I only used a little over 1/2 of the 1 lb. bag for this recipe.

Coconut oil (you could use Brummel & Brown yogurt spread –melted– instead), sugar-free syrup (you could also use real maple syrup), and unsweetened applesauce

along with organic sucanatdehydrated cane syrup (you could use brown sugar, too).  Plus, some cinnamon & Splenda.


  1. Preheat the oven to 350°
  2. My dough was frozen, so I had to allow it to thaw (I was impatient and stuck mine in the microwave on defrost for a few minutes
  3. Spray a 9” cake pan with non-stick cooking spray
  4. Combine 1 Tbsp. Sucnat with 2 Tbsp. of Splenda in a small bowl & set aside
  5. Form doughballs about 1-2 inches in size, roll them in the sugary mixture, and plop them into the pan almost touching — you won’t end up using the entire mix.
  6. When you’ve used up your dough (only 16 oz. of the 28 oz. bag), and all your balls are happily mingling in the bottom of your cake pan, you’ll need to give them a bath!
  7. In a seperate bowl, combine 1/4 C. unsweetened applesauce, 1/4 C.  coconut oil or Brummel & Brown (in liquid, melted form), and 1/4C. sugar-free syrup.*Note: The coconut oil (which is hydrophobic, as all oils are) will not mix particularly well, but as long as the ingredients are combined, you’re safe.  Also, the applesauce should be at room temperature because if it’s been in the fridge, it could cause your coconut butter to harden.  No worries if you’ve already done that… just stick it in the microwave for a few seconds until it’s all melted again.
  8. Pour the syrupy mixture over your doughballs, distributing evenly.
  9. Bake for 25-27 minutes.
  10. Allow to cool for several minutes in the pan, then invert pan on top of a large plate to serve… if you can wait that long.[source]

I had a flop when it came to the last step (literally & figuratively — I know, I’m punny ;)), so I’ll spare you the photo of my disfigured batch and give you a glimpse of what it’s supposed to look like… Momma Pea’s came out perfectly!  Mine tasted absolutely delicious, too, but they weren’t as pretty to look at.

Jarid said they were amazing too, so don’t worry… they’re husband approved!



2 thoughts on “Sticky Buns

    • They’re very similar! I think the only difference is that sticky buns/monkey bread take less prep work… you just throw them in a pan. Whereas, cinnamon rolls are supposed to be a certain shape and look pretty. These sticky buns have to “goo” on the outside…which is my personal preference! Hehe. Plus, I think cinnamon rolls use a lot more cinnamon in the recipe.

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