Honey, We’re Over The Moon.

…I mean, the honeymoon is over 😉  After a few flight delays due to the Airline difficulties, we arrived back in Baltimore around midnight and by the time we drove to our humble abode, it was well into the 2 o’clock (AM) hour.  Poor Jarid had to wake up and go to work that same day, but he still insisted when we made it home that he carry me over the threshold.  Whatta guy!  I, luckily, had scheduled off, and used the time to organize the box upon box that had been stacked in our living room while we were gone.  My parents, graciously offered to drop off the remaining items from their house at ours, including my car and mattress!

My Momma was so amazing… she even washed, dried, and made our bed for us so that when we finally arrived so early in the morning, we could just crash.

It took me forever to find a comforter that I was absolutely in love with when we registered… We didn’t want something too busy, but yet, we didn’t want something too plain.  Of course, comfortability trumps looks, but we wanted the best of both worlds and Target came through for us 😉  Fieldcrest Luxury Ogee Paisley to be exact.  Our bedroom color theme is a blend of blues, tans and yellows.  Our sheets were chosen from Target as well, Fieldcrest Luxury Egyptian Cotton 600 count

Also attached to our bedroom, is a little half-bath, which is perfect for when you have to get up in the middle of the night.  It’s so convenient… literally right next to my side of the bed.

Pretty basic, but it’s perfectly useable.  I’d like to paint it eventually… something like this color scheme would be pretty, I think:

Especially with our cute Target Home bath accessories:

Pops did some amazing things for us too that we could never repay him for.  When we got home, the rusty, old toilet that I wasn’t so much a fan of, had been replaced with a brand new, gleaming white, porcelain throne.  Not only that, the grimy, non-scrubbable, surround in our shower had been replaced with a shiny, plastic job that he and my brother installed themselves!  This picture is a bit misleading… our main bathroom is NOT actually this yellow.  It has a lot to do with the fact that there is ZERO natural lighting.

The moment I laid my eyes on these towels in the store, I was hoping to be able to find matching accessories for our full bathroom.

I am SO addicted to Target.  I literally could’ve furnished a whole house using items from that store (in fact, for the most part, we did)


Not only did our bath accessories come from Target, but so did our curved tension shower curtain rod, and bronze wall shelf.  The mirror was left by the previous owners, but we painted the frame to match the bronze of the other hardware.

I was overtaken with thankfulness…especially because I KNOW my Dad is swamped with his how work schedule, running his own business, and stays very involved in my youngest sisters athletic schedule.  He barely ever sleeps, I swear.  Then there’s Momma Cox, aka Supermom.  We truly do have the most amazing family in the Universe.

I spent my first day in our house putting things away and getting the laundry started like a good wife would 😉 {insert snide feminist remarks here} That night, our parents came over to watch us open all of our wedding gifts.  We’ve been married for over a month now, and finally have somewhat of an order in our house.

 See that little coffee table in the middle of our living room?

Yeah, that one… My husband made that! Pretty awesome, huh?  We can’t take the credit for the creativity…it was a copy cat Pinterest idea.  We want to put wine corks in the middle to fill up the empty space eventually, too.  It was pretty easy, just time consuming.  We picked out four apple crates from our local craft store, Jarid stained them, and nailed them together on a wooden square that we got cut at Home Depot, and voila!  I couldn’t be prouder of my handyman 😉

Our living room backs into the dining room.  We found that little microwave cart in the left hand corner for about $40 at Walmart!  It saves us a bunch of room, storing our breadmaker & bottled water stash.  Luckily, we got that gorgeous stainless steel microwave from friends of ours who posted about it on Facebook!  Thanks, Sherise & Blaine! 🙂

 This cute “I Do” wall hanging was one of my favorite wedding gifts.  I’m sure you can hardly read what’s printed at the bottom, but it’s so very sweet.

A lot of my other favorite gifts came in the form of kitchen gadgets and tools.  Helllooooo Keurig machine!  🙂  We picked these plates from Bed Bath & Beyond since I already had a plain black set of dishes that would easily match:

Momma Snyder gave us these for Easter before any of the wedding festivities even began!  Haha.  She’s so cute 🙂

Anyway… see that window in our kitchen?  If you look out there, you’ll see our deck & fenced in backyard — ideal for a future puppy in Jarid’s mind.

I’ll never forget the first time we toured this house because our agent took us on the back deck and I really fell in love with the place.  The family that had been there before us had a cute little fire pit set up on the deck (which was enough to convince us to put one on our wedding registry) and two tan adirondack chairs.  It would’ve made a perfect marshmallow roasting location, had we gotten our fire pit 😉  It has enough privacy that our neighbors aren’t too close or too far.

Please ignore the blue tarp with bricks… that was in preparation for Sandy’s visit.  You might be wondering what the brick partition is in the background on the way up the hill behind our fence… We heard from the neighbors that they’re actually putting an apartment complex in up there.  We thought that maybe it was a parking lot for one of the medical facilities since we’re so close to a hospital & a bunch of doctors’ offices, but we were wrong.

 Back to the inside…  Our (half) finished basement is a bit of a cluttered mess right now, but we’re working on it.

We had created a little workout area (we’ve got my elliptical & stationary bike with yoga mats & weights) downstairs, but now it’s all just a mish mosh of chairs, boxes, luggage, and vaccums thanks to Sandy.  We didn’t get any damage, really, but we did have a bit of water in the basement, causing us to move everything and sweep up.  It just never got put back exactly the way it had been.

On the other, carpeted side of the basement we have a wood stove, which I’ve decorated with the chalkboard wine bottles that Jarid & I made for centerpiece decorations at our reception.

Also in the carpeted area, we have a cute little vintage covered couch that our friend, Linn gave us! She also handed down those yellow chairs that she refinished herself in the picture above.  We’d like to get a little table for downstairs eventually for poker tournaments & card games, etc.

I don’ tknow why, but I am so smitten over the print on the cover for this couch.  Shabby chic if you ask me 😉

In the other half of the basement, we’ve got our cement floors, work station for Jarid, and our washer/dryer space.  I refuse to show you all that part… it’s not visually appealing.

So, there you have it.  A brief and not quite ENTIRE tour of our home.  What do I enjoy about it most?  That it’s OURS.  That every night we can fall asleep together in that bedroom; that every morning, we can cook breakfast together in that kitchen; that after work we can totally crash on that couch together and watch our favorite TV episodes after work;  It’s the place where we’ll spend all our first holidays as our own “family” — Christmas will be here before we know it… and I for one, cannot wait ❤


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